Past Programs

Stories of Spadina with a Spin

April 29, May 6 & 13, 2018

Three special walking tours inspired by the exhibition A Place for Wholesome Amusement

Ignite: Night of Jewish Learning

Dec. 16, 2017: Prosserman JCC, Toronto

An evening of learning on the 4th night of Chanukah.

From Delis to Dairy: Kibitzing about Kensington's Early Jewish Restaurants

Nov. 15, 2017: Lillian Smith Public Library, Toronto

A night of reminiscing about Kensington's restaurant history. 

Toronto Jewish Film Festival Screenings

May 8 & 15, 2016: Empress Walk and Bloor Cinema

The OJA-produced film Building History: The Story of Benjamin Brown, and Shtetl in the City: Memories of Toronto's Jewish Community featuring the stories of long-time Toronto residents.

Benjamin Brown Plaque Presentation

April 5, 2016: Urbanspace Gallery, Toronto

The OJA and Heritage Toronto unveiled a plaque commemorating Jewish architect, Benjamin Brown.

Koffler Salon: Memory and Architecture

March 21, 2016: Koffler Gallery, Artscape Youngplace, Toronto

An evening dedicated to the intersections of memory, urban sites and architecture in Toronto, set against the backdrop of the exhibition Benjamin Brown: Architect.

I.P. Sharp Lectureship

Dec. 2, 2015: University of Toronto

Technology Serves Remembrance: Yad Vashem's Breakthroughs in Accessing Holocaust Documentation.

Unfire: Unpacking the Jewish Camp Experience

May 23, 2015: Miles Nadal JCC, Toronto

How did your camp years shape you? A thought-provoking session as part of the Downtown Tikkun Leil Shavuot program.

Tramvay Lider (Streetcar Songs)

May 11, 2015: First Narayever Congregation, Toronto

A morning dedicated to Yiddish song, poetry and the Jewish history of College Street.

Beyond Bubbie

Nov. 2013: Al Green Theatre, Toronto

An extraordinary evening dedicated to food, family, and the stories that link them together.

Labor Lyceum Plaque Presentation

May 2013: Toronto

The OJA and Heritage Toronto presented a plaque commemorating the historic Labor Lyceum at 346 Spadina Ave., its former site.

Jewish Mosaic Museum

May 27, 2013: Paul Penna Downtown Jewish School, Toronto

During the 2012-2013 school year the OJA collaborated with Paul Penna to bring the archives into grades 3 and 4 classrooms. This program culminated in the Jewish Mosaic Museum.