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The Nikolaevsky Family

The Nikolaevsky family were early residents of the Junction and early congregants of Knesseth Israel synagogue. The brother of Rebecca (née Rifke Nikolaevsky) Alexandroff, Benny Nikolaevsky arrived in Canada from the Ukraine, shortly after his father and three sisters. Benny began work in the Junction as a peddler and also became involved in real estate ventures. His wife Lily (née Krasneinsky) Nikolaevsky was the President of the West Toronto Hebrew Ladies Auxiliary. They lived on Maria Street and became full members of Knesseth Israel synagogue in 1912.

Shortly after the First World War, the Nikolaevsky family grew in size as thirteen relatives from the Ukraine were brought to Canada, including Benny’s beloved mother Esther Malka and father Tsvi Hirsh. Benny and Lily Nikolaevsky remained long-time supporters of Knesseth Israel synagogue until their passing in 1965 and 1962 respectively.







Benny Nikolaevsky, c. 1915
Benny Nikolaevsky (c. 1915)

Wedding portrait of Benny and Lily Nikolaevsky, c. 1910
Wedding portrait of Benny and Lily Nikolaevsky (c. 1910)



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