The Y.M.-Y.W.H.A. at 15 Brunswick Avenue, and the Brunswick Avenue Talmud Torah at 9-13 Brunswick Avenue, 1960. Ontario Jewish Archives, fonds 61:2-2:61.

Brunswick Avenue Talmud Torah

The Brunswick Avenue Talmud Torah was an elementary Hebrew day school for boys, officially named the Toronto Hebrew Free School. Originally located on Simcoe Street, the Toronto Hebrew Free School began construction on a new Talmud Torah on Brunswick Avenue in 1922. It was designed by Benjamin Brown, a renowned Jewish architect in Toronto.

The new building included school facilities, as well as a gymnasium and swimming pool, to accommodate the ‘Y’s need for better athletic facilities.  As a result, the Brunswick Avenue Talmud Torah became known as the “Jewish Centre”, because of the variety of activities that took place there. In 1937, the Y.M.-Y.W.H.A. moved next door to their new facility at 15 Brunswick Avenue. The two buildings were linked by a corridor built between them.

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