Below you will find information about what sorts of organizational records the OJA is looking for.

Why we collect organizational records

Jewish organizations, including synagogues, have long served as the voice of the community on many issues. They have also provided a broad range of services to its members. As a result, they tell us a great deal about the concerns and values animating the community.

Records we are interested in

Generally, the OJA is interested in:
• letters of incorporation
• meeting minutes and agendas
• reports
• planning documents
• newsletters
• photographs
• general correspondence
• program and event material
• financial records and ledger books
• publicity and promotional material
• inventory and price lists
• other records unique to your organization

Records we are not interested in

Generally, the OJA is not interested in:
• copies (as opposed to originals)
• drafts
• poor quality photographs
• photographs with little or no identification
• low-level financial documents like receipts
• unused items like empty ledgers
• published books and religious texts
• plaques and other mounted items
• interoffice memos
• donor lists
• event registration and RSVP lists
• records created by organizations other than your own

Get in touch

Before getting in touch, designate one person in your organization as being responsible for interacting with the OJA. Once you have done that, have that person give us a call at 416.635.5391 x 5315. Or send us an email!