J. B. Remembered: The Life and Career of J.B. Salsberg

Organized by the OJA in 2008 to mark the ten-year anniversary of J.B. Salsberg's death (yahrzeit), J.B. Remembered: The Life and Career of J.B. Salsberg (a traveling exhibition) chronicles the life, political career and community involvements of Joseph Baruch Salsberg.

Salsberg was the first member of the Labour-Progressive Party (the provincial wing of the Communist Party of Canada) to be elected to government. He was responsible for the introduction of the Racial Discrimination Act of 1944, which laid the framework for the Ontario Human Rights Code . Many different groups called on Salsberg for help securing worker's rights. He was involved in the creation of several major Canadian industrial unions, including the Canadian Auto Workers, the Steelworkers, and the Canadian Seaman's Union. Salsberg was also an early advocate for better treatment and religious freedoms for Soviet Jews.

J.B. Remembered is focused around five topics: Immigration and Early Life; Labour Zionism and Union Work; Political Life; Soviet Antisemitism and the Break with Communism; and Life after Politics.