Involvement in Community and Political Life

Since the first Jews moved to Sudbury, they had been involved in local clubs, organizations and community groups. For instance, Sam Rothschild was an active member of the Lion's Club and eventually became president and district governor. Morey Speigel was a Rotary member and Sam Speigel was a Mason. There were also men in town who belonged to the Loyal Order of the Moose.

Hascal Moses, a successful local businessman, joined the Sudbury Board of Trade during the 1920s. Max Silverman later became Director of the Chamber of Commerce. Saul Silverman, in turn, became involved in a variety of groups, serving as Honourary Chair of the Sudbury United Welfare Fund and Trustee and Life Member of the YMCA. He also helped establish the Sudbury General Hospital during the 1950s and Laurentian University in 1960, serving as the first Chairman of the Hospital's Board and a member of the University's Board of Governors. Sam Speigel was appointed to the Ontario Municipal Board in 1970 and Mitchell Spiegel was elected president of the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce in 1979.

Some members of the Jewish community also became active in local politics. Sol Magder became a town councilor and alderman in 1916. Max Silverman was elected Deputy Mayor of Sudbury in 1962. In 1966, he ran for Mayor with the slogan "Vote Max Silverman Mayor 1966-67 For All the People!" He ended up winning the election but passed away during his first year in office.