Jewish Girls’ Club having a picnic, 20 June 1920. Ontario Jewish Archives, photo #1868.

This photo was taken at Stop 17, located on Yonge Street in Thornhill. The stop was served by an electrically powered rail line, known as “The Radial”, and would have been far enough out of the city to constitute a country outing for the young girls.

Jewish Girls’ Club

The Jewish Girls’ Club was formed in 1909, as a social outlet for Jewish girls of working age in the city, and later, for Jewish school-age girls. The club was sponsored by the National Council of Jewish Women and was funded by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies. It operated out of two rented rooms at 36 Walton Street, until 1913, at which point they moved to a house at 254 McCaul Street. By 1923, the club had a new facility called “The Council Community House” at 44 St. George Street and by 1929, had its own gymnasium.

The Girls’ Club offered athletic, cultural and vocational programming such as: basketball, dramatics, swimming, dancing and shorthand. They also offered lectures on topics ranging from current events to hygiene. The club also ran a sewing school, a summer camp – Camp Camperdown – and organized holiday parties and social outings.

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